Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hey Mac Users! Did your SSD Upgrade let you down?

Did you install a 3rd party SSD in your Mac and it didn't seem to improve things as much as you thought it would or do you have an after-market SSD upgrade and you noticed your system slow down after an upgrade to Sierra or High Sierra? You may not have TRIM enabled. Holding the option key, click the apple in the upper left corner and select system information.

Select the SATA/SATA Express option in the left column and look for Trim Support on the right. If it says "Yes" you're good to go.

If it says "No" open a terminal and execute sudo trimforce enable. Let it do its thing and reboot.

If you aren't sure, feel free to stop by and let us check for you. This is a super easy while you wait service!