Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey regional customers and friends. We've been hearing a lot about how bad Wednesday's (tomorrow's) weather is going to be. That means increased risk of lightning damage to our electronics.
Most lightning damage does NOT come from the power outlets in your walls. Your surge protectors do NOT protect you from it. It actually most frequently comes from lightning that hit lines, possibly miles from your home and travels into your home in through phone and cable lines.
If you actually have any phone lines still connected to your computer's fax modem, please disconnect those.
Get an in-line surge protector for the phone lines going into your DSL modems (or if they're already built-in to the end of your surge protector - actually use them!) or for the RJ-45 network connections coming out of your cable modem. You may just want to play it safe and unplug the network cables. Unplugging your power cables does not help, it has to be the network cables. They pass power even while your devices are unplugged.
If you are affected, you may simply have to replace the ethernet controller in your computer. Larger surges will damage all the electronics in the path from your phones to your TV control boxes, the switches, routers, and even connected game consoles.
Stay safe tomorrow!