Saturday, June 22, 2013

We can fix your Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS

Whether it's your kid's favorite entertainment or your own, handheld gaming consoles like your DS Lite or 3DS get a lot of abuse. These units are just cheap enough you may be tempted to just buy a new one rather than have yours fixed, but repair is an option!  We don't charge for looking at your unit and repairs are $39 plus parts (if applicable).  Here's some (partial list) of the stuff we can fix:

* L and R (trigger) buttons don't work anymore
* Screen is cracked
* Touch Screen doesn't respond
* Orange light blinks but it gets no power or doesn't turn on
* Game slot doesn't read anymore
* battery won't charge

If you want to give it a shot yourself, visit for a lot of the repair guides, but it can be harder for us to fix if you aren't very careful and used to delicate electronics.  We see more cables and parts damaged from good intentions than when it was dropped to begin with.   This is why we don't charge to look at your devices :-)

Feel free to bring your own parts (we aren't responsible if they're wrong or DOA). Labor rates are the same.  If you need assistance choosing the right parts, please let us order them for you.