Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heat Damage to Computers and Gaming Consoles

Heat is a common enemy of your electronics.  Dust, poor cooling design, and improper handling kills more electronics than old age or electronic defects.  Many devices suffer from the same kind of heat damage that requires a reflow service.  We offer these services in-store.  It happens to laptops (laptop gets power but nothing shows up on screen); Xbox and Playstation (video gets weird or locks up after playing for a while, or gets red rings, yellow light, and other error codes); Desktop Computers (same symptoms); and even appliances like the Roku Player.  Apple Desktops and Laptops suffer from the same thing, so no brand or design is immune.  Successful repair service is $79 (plus parts, if needed).  A non-refundable deposit is collected toward laptop/desktop repairs, but not for gaming consoles.