Thursday, September 26, 2013

Every Kindle Fire HD USB charging jack repair I've done so far (to fix broken or not charging kindle) could have been prevented with some additional supporting solder.  I do not know if this is by design or simply defective ones that made it through quality control inspections.  I will look at yours for FREE and if it needs the additional solder, I can do it while you wait (as long as Kara is here).  Regular fee is $39, but I'll discount this preventative repair to $25.  Discount is for prevention repair only, not if your port is already damaged.  Please let any friends you know who have Kindle Fire HDs about this offer for me. THANKS!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

XYZ - eXamine Your Zip files

We're seeing an increasing number of folks getting into trouble by opening very realistic scam emails.  They come in a variety of stories.

  • You missed a package from [UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc] click here for your [tracking, release signature form, shipping label].
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) received a complaint about your business, open the attachment for details.  Sometimes similar goes around for Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).
  • There was a problem with your recent tax payment (from the IRS).  Open attachment for report.
I'm sure there are a lot more varieties, but they all have 2 things in common.  1) They aren't really from UPS, FedEx, the BBB, or the IRS.  2) They all have .zip attachments.

The problem isn't the file type.  Folks have been "zipping" files and folders for years to compress them and make them smaller.  It was extremely important in the days of 56K modem dial-up connections and 160MB hard drives (yes, I said Megabyte).  It's convenient if you want to send someone multiple folders/files too to make a single attachment to an email.  The problem is that the bad folks are creating self-extracting zip files with executable files inside that will run and infect your computer as soon as you open the zip archive.

Everyone is getting some form of spam like this.  Just because you do a lot of Ebay business or run a business, don't be fooled by the relevant subject of the email.  Watch your attachment types.  Depending on your email client, it will show you the full filename (e.g.  If you aren't already expecting a zip file from the recipient, don't open it.  When you see these messages, flag them as spam.  If you've downloaded one of these already, but haven't opened it, delete it from your downloads folders. 

Make sure to tell your family members and co-workers to XYZ! eXamine Your Zip files! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Kindle Wiggle - USB Jack Repair

Are you having to do the Kindle Wiggle to get your Kindle Fire HD to charge?  Each time you do that you risk shorting your Kindle's motherboard (and having to buy a new Kindle).   If your Kindle HD's USB jack is salvageable, a successful repair is $39.  If the jack requires replacement, your repair will be $69.  No success?  No charge!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

We can fix your Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS

Whether it's your kid's favorite entertainment or your own, handheld gaming consoles like your DS Lite or 3DS get a lot of abuse. These units are just cheap enough you may be tempted to just buy a new one rather than have yours fixed, but repair is an option!  We don't charge for looking at your unit and repairs are $39 plus parts (if applicable).  Here's some (partial list) of the stuff we can fix:

* L and R (trigger) buttons don't work anymore
* Screen is cracked
* Touch Screen doesn't respond
* Orange light blinks but it gets no power or doesn't turn on
* Game slot doesn't read anymore
* battery won't charge

If you want to give it a shot yourself, visit for a lot of the repair guides, but it can be harder for us to fix if you aren't very careful and used to delicate electronics.  We see more cables and parts damaged from good intentions than when it was dropped to begin with.   This is why we don't charge to look at your devices :-)

Feel free to bring your own parts (we aren't responsible if they're wrong or DOA). Labor rates are the same.  If you need assistance choosing the right parts, please let us order them for you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heat Damage to Computers and Gaming Consoles

Heat is a common enemy of your electronics.  Dust, poor cooling design, and improper handling kills more electronics than old age or electronic defects.  Many devices suffer from the same kind of heat damage that requires a reflow service.  We offer these services in-store.  It happens to laptops (laptop gets power but nothing shows up on screen); Xbox and Playstation (video gets weird or locks up after playing for a while, or gets red rings, yellow light, and other error codes); Desktop Computers (same symptoms); and even appliances like the Roku Player.  Apple Desktops and Laptops suffer from the same thing, so no brand or design is immune.  Successful repair service is $79 (plus parts, if needed).  A non-refundable deposit is collected toward laptop/desktop repairs, but not for gaming consoles.