Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer is Here Already?

Here in the Midwest we're used to crazy weather but Mother Nature has pulled out all the stops this year.  She forgot to give us a Winter and is bringing Summer early (but if she'd keep the baseballs in the stadium instead of dropping them on our heads in hail-form that would be nice)! Unfortunately for us that means our slow season is here.  Fortunately for you that means we're changing things up and adding some new services!

First, we're going to cut our hours on Saturdays to 10am - 5pm starting May 5th.  Saturday nights are extremely slow so we're going to cut out earlier and enjoy an evening with our families and friends through the summer.

Second, we've added new repair services for Xbox®, PlayStation®, and iPhone/iPod®.  We're now repairing the hardware in the gaming consoles for heat damage or other failures and iPhone/iPod® devices for broken screens.   Of course, we're still doing that for laptops too.

Third, we're now resellers for Charter® Internet and TV services.  Residential customers will soon be able to schedule installations for any Charter® service in our store and receive discounts for installation charges and services.  Business customers can work with us and a Charter® business representative to get services as well. 

Fourth, we're now adding Crash Courses to our training schedule for mid-May.  We have over 50 topics and will continue to add new ones as long as you want to learn.  Each topic will be covered in an hour with a 30-minute demonstration and a 30-minute Q&A session. 

Fifth, we've made advances in our data recovery processes.  Don't format those camera cards, phone cards, or hard drives.  Don't run the restore/recovery disks before we save your data!   There's some nasty viruses and root-kits running around that hide your data and tell you your hard drive is failing.  We can save your computer from that too!

Sixth, not new but widely unknown... Kara offers digital photography services and will be adding photography classes to the schedule too.  Specializing in Event and Candid photography, she is available for private lessons as well.

Seventh, we're small and understand we can't always beat the prices of a sale from a big box store or have the selection of other electronics you want.  We like to save money too!  If we can't provide you with the products you need, we're now offering personal shopper services and will meet with you on-location in the Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Shiloh, and Belleville areas to help you purchase items at other stores without the pressure or misinformation from salespeople.  There's insight that comes from being the people who have to fix the electronics you buy and we're happy to help you!

Eighth, we admit we're terrible at maintaining this site.  Do us a favor and "like" us on Facebook too. .