Monday, October 4, 2010

NVIDIA Laptop Death

We've seen a lot of these. Ok, "a lot" is an understatement but "a bagillion" isn't a real word. Many laptops with NVIDIA chipsets over the last few years have suffered a premature death. The chipsets have overheated and literally unsoldered themselves from the motherboards. In many units we are able to reflow the processors to correct the problem and educate customers on how to keep their laptops the coolest to extend lives. For these customers and the ones who may not have had a successful repair there is a *chance* for some reimbursement for those repairs or some additional help. There now is an NVIDIA class action lawsuit for many brands of laptops, e.g. HP, Dell, Apple. Check or call 877-440-7557 to see if you qualify.

We have not yet personally experienced what, if anything, an end user can receive here, but I will update this when we know more. If you've already been a part of this and have had a resolution let me know!