Monday, October 19, 2009

More New News

We are currently working out the details but soon, very very soon, we will be a drop-off location for free electronics recycling. We should be able to accept everything EXCEPT TVs. We can, however, accept CRT monitors. We should have things finalized by next week, so if you have a stash of computers, old monitors, keyboards, mice, telephones, dvd players, vcrs, etc. we can finally prevent you from having to put them in the landfill.

In other news, Toshiba A105 series laptops have a well known BIOS issue that randomly decides to assign a BIOS password to your laptop preventing you from booting again. In the past we have had to refer you to a Toshiba authorized service center, but I finally am able to resolve this issue. If you gave up on a Toshiba laptop because of the BIOS Password bug, please feel free to stop by and let me try the fix for you too!