Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starting a new Users Group?

Hi all, I need to get better at updating this thing more regularly, huh? Our bench is still full, but we only have laptops on a waiting list at the moment. We have introduced new service plans to help improve customer service. Our standard service rates have not changed, and even our priority and rush services are still a fraction of our competitor's basic rates. We still do not charge for diagnostics nor require appointments.

We got in our first AMD Quad Phenom II 955 this week. We're still having fun on a weekly basis converting Intel fans over to the performance and cost savings of these new Phenom II processors. You can build an entire machine with the Phenom II for just the CPU cost of the closest i7. Nice, huh? You really should put a nicer graphics card in it though, but you get the point :)

If I'm not working the bench or grabbing a quick nap (I've been working 24-30 hour shifts.. give a girl a break!) I've been taking a photo run or playing with my new camera (I love craigslist). I wonder if there's enough photo geeks like me who might be interested in having regular meetings. Perhaps we could host some newbie classes, or more advanced group photo runs. If you'd be interested in some type of group at the shop please let me know. The photo on this post is one I took of the Clark Bridge in Alton on Mother's Day.

If you haven't met our newest full time staff addition, you should come by on Wed-Sat and meet Peter. He's a veteran computer repair geek, having worked at small shops in Canada and in Europe for nearly 20 years. He's our laptop solder miracle worker and his biggest fault is not wanting to give up on the hard ones and trying to make everyone happy at the same time. We're lucky to have him, so stop by and say "Hi" if you haven't already.