Friday, January 23, 2009

Our First Experiences with AMD's Phenom II

It's tough to keep all the guys here from drooling over each of the Phenom II 940's we've gotten in this week. Each of them have hinted about ways to get one and not let their wives find out. There's already been a price drop too, nearly $50!

I'm not positive, but given the Phenom 9950 has gotten nearly impossible to find in the distribution channels, I suspect the Phenom IIs are replacing them and we won't see much of the 99xx series anymore. Their 3GHz core and 8MB cache are truly a beautiful thing to all the CPU fanatics out there. Our first experiences with the processors are very positive. Our 3D Mark tests out performed the overclocked i7 that was posted! I hope to get some more in depth reports and tests posted with some of the new hardware as it comes out, especially once the AM3 products are available. For now, check out what Tom's had to say here.