Monday, January 12, 2009

HP Recall -- Free HP Support Staff

It is astounding the increasing numbers of HP Laptops we are seeing in our store each day. On Saturday we had six laptops that qualified for the HP laptop recall. We are checking the laptop problems, verifying it is included in the recall, and giving the customer print-outs of their recall information. We don't charge for system diagnostics, so it feels like we're becoming HP's free customer service department lately. :-)

So what is the recall you wonder? It primarily effects HP's dv9000, dv6000, dv2000 and the Compaq v3000 and v6000 series. It starts with intermittent wireless problems. It ends in laptop death. When it finally dies, you do not get any post, no lights, no power, no sign of life whatsoever.

Have you noticed how hot your laptop gets? The bug in these HP laptops is in the BIOS. It isn't turning on the fans fast enough to cool your laptop components. The first heat-death happens to the wifi controller, and the second is the laptop's motherboard. If you aren't having problems, get a BIOS update from HP before it dies.

If you qualify for the recall, HP will send you a pre-paid shipping box within a day or two of your claim. If you want help backing up your data before you send off your notebook, give us a call!

Oh, and if you aren't "lucky" enough to qualify for this recall and your laptop is still really too hot to handle, our favorite notebook cooler is made by Zalman. They make two sizes, for 15.4" (and smaller) and 17". See them here. You'll swear they have tiny AC units built in. We try to keep them in-stock, but they're popular. They run from $52-$72 depending on size.