Friday, December 19, 2008

Vista... Is That Your Final Answer?

No way. Unless you really need DirectX 10 support for the latest and greatest games, we still use XP as our default operating systems for computers we sell. Both XP Home and Pro are still available to OEM system builders. If you aren't building your own system, systems that are pre-installed with Vista Business Premium can exercise "downgrade rights" to install XP on those systems without purchasing an additional XP Pro license. Keep in mind that you have to backup any files you created on the Vista system, and obtain CDs of any programs you need to install before completing the downgrade. Your data and applications will be lost during the transition.

Why don't we like Vista? Ignoring the Microsoft versus the rest of us reasons, Vista requires much more computer hardware (more memory, more CPU, more video) to complete the same task as efficiently as XP. Many of our tips & tricks simply do not work on Vista. Many technical tools and features were removed that allowed us to repair Vista without risking data loss. If you're going to go ahead and make the leap anyway, don't invest in the 32-bit versions. Pick up Vista Home Premium 64-bit or Ultimate 64-bit. Yes, you can dual or multi-boot with Vista and XP, so long as you have valid licenses for both.

If you like (or are stuck with) Vista, we can still help you. Got something strange going on? Don't forget we don't charge to look at something and tell you what's wrong.